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GTA Wall-Décor Panels are different yet affordable and make any personal space more inviting and exciting! We have created a simple yet elegant look to compliment any room in a home, condo or office with our 100% Canadian Handcrafted Wall-Décor Panels.

Our Wall-Décor Panels not only offer a sophisticated modern design and decorative element, they also offer space saving benefits, clean lines and a price that will not break the bank.

Our modular upholstered Wall-Décor Panels attach to the wall in minutes creating an instant customized look. They are perfect for any room. GTA Wall-Décor panels offer so much versatility, you can customize and design them to make one of a kind headboards. Create a feature point or focal wall, or simply use them whereever you need to add a little bit of colour and some creativity.

Functionality plays an important role in any room starting with furniture selection, so why not extend the same concept to your walls instead of just paint or wall paper. Add our unique Wall-Décor Panels to the mix. Get those creative juices flowing and the possibilities are endless.

Check out our gallery for ideas or simply get creative.

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