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Our 100% Canadian and handcrafted Wall-Décor Panels, are made with exceptional craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. We pride ourselves in creating the best wall mounted panel. We have spared no expense; from our batting, to our 100% polyester fabric selections and mounting accessories. We have incorporated high quality, durable components into our product and the result will speak for itself. Clean lines, sophistication, quality construction and fabrics, to high definition imprints. We have it all.

Standard Wall-Décor
20” (Width) x 40” (Height) x 2” (Depth) – If mounted vertically
40” (Width) x 20” (Height) x 2” (Depth) – If mounted horizontally

We are currently developing other dimension configuration’s.  Check back regularly for new additions.

Colour Selection and Fabrics

A high polished and textured 100% Polyester material available in an array of popular and vibrant colour options:
• Mauve        • Silver             Beige              Flan            
 Taupe          Blue              • Lime               Sand 
• Stone           Charcoal       Choco             Pewter         
 Denim         Granite


We will be introducing other fabric options in the future; look forward to silk, canvas, twill, velvet and even leather. Check back regularly for more fabric selections and colour options.

Colours may vary slightly due to differences in computer display settings, when purchasing, please keep this in mind and request a swatch sample of your selected colour option.

Photo Quality High Resolution Digital Printing on Fabrics

High Definition Digital Printing is also available for custom One-Off orders. Custom order lead times are 2-4 weeks.


Example of 20 x 40 panels with photo quality, high resolution and definition digital printing on fabric, extended onto a 6 panel mount.

Construction / Packaging of Wall-Décor Panel

Our Wall-Décor Panels are professionally crafted by talented and skilled artisans. Each GTA Wall-Décor Panel comes packaged first sealed in a plastic bag and then in a corrugated box for shipping. Complete with 2 quality adjustable French Cleat hangers and hardware, 4 bumper pads and mounting instructions.

We’ve taken the guess work out of the installation process by providing you with simple solutions for quick straightening fixes if necessary.

Our GTA Wall-Décor panels were created with shipping and transportation in mind.

How many times have you seen an item, a furniture piece that you would so love to have in your personal space but yet you are stopped by the question?

  1.  How am I going to get this home?
  2.  Do they deliver?
  3. If yes, how much is this going to cost me in addition?
  4. What if they don’t deliver, do I have to rent another vehicle, truck or inconvenience someone else?

We’ve all been there. But we are consumers as well and we have taken steps to address these concerns.
Each panel can be easily placed in the back seat of your car or trunk. No worry shopping is what we are all about.

Standard Panels 20” x 40” x 2” weight approximately 13 lbs.
Custom orders and colours require a lead time of 2 – 4 weeks.

For mounting and design ideas, visit our Design & Layout Page for inspiration. We suggest that you do this prior to placing your order so you know how many panels you will require to complete your desired look.