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Uses and Benefits

• You have recently changed your bed size and your headboard no longer fits

With GTA Wall-Décor panels you can simply modify your set up and / or add panels to fit.

• You have updated your mattress and there is no room to move around your space because of a bulky headboard and foot board.

GTA Wall-Décor panels mount on the wall creating additional space much needed in most rooms.

• Your existing headboard no longer suites your taste or style.

GTA Wall-Décor panels can be moved around, relocated, re-designed.

• You purchased an adjustable bed.

GTA Wall-Décor panels mount on the wall so you will not disturb any movement from the adjustable bed yet allowing you to have a stylish headboard.

You enjoy reading or watching television in bed.

GTA Wall-Décor headboards are soft so you can lean up on them for comfort.

• You have a media room and the sound escapes.

GTA Wall-Décor panels offer sound dampening benefits without being an eye sore.

• You wish to create a focal point or feature wall in your personal space but haven’t quite decided what to do with it.

GTA Wall-Décor panels are so versatile you can get really artistic and create block patterns and colour mixing.

• You have a new born or young child and the nursery / room needs a personal touch?

GTA Wall-Décor panels can be customized to have image imprinting with a name, portrait or picture of your liking.

The possible uses for our Wall-Décor Panels are unlimited; all you need is a little imagination we will take care of the rest.